Keeping Daddy at Home PART 1

Published February 28, 2024 tag category
Keeping Daddy at Home PART 1

 Harry didnt sleep well, or very much anymore. His wife of almost 10 years became his dominant /mistress/">mistress after the kids went off to college and the kinky pair finally had the house to themselves. It was initially his idea, to become a full time /submissive/">submissive, however he had no idea how intensely his wife would assume the roll and take over completely.

Once she started locking him up in the closet, she threw out all his clothes and started buying him skimpy little leather harnesses and outfits to wear. She sold his car, and even called his company to take early retirement for him with the monthly severance package that would provide lifelong cash payments to help give them the financial security needed to keep him not working anymore.

One of these benefits was the installation of the MANHANDLER 6000. Cindy liked it because it took all the work out of keeping him teased, tormented, aroused and horny, while denying him the pleasure he used to get from masturbating a dozen times a day behind her back. It also kept him off the new internet, and away from the countless /men/women-men/men-and-women/">men and women he used to carry on cyber sex with for hours on end. She suspected hed been cheating on her as well but never could prove it. Now she didnt have to.

Harry was kept naked all the time now, except for the leather cuffs, and collar riveted onto his body. A nasty little steel cock ring and ball separator never came off. Thanks xxx to the new formula long term viagra plus he was force fed every day, hed had an /erection/">erection for almost three months now. His balls had swollen nearly double in porn videos download size. This was from the sexual supplements he consumed and the constant forced cum extractions he was subjected to.

Cindy led him on all fours out of the cage she kept him in inside her closet. She was proud of this one. Barely 4 feet long, he was backed into it every night on his hands and knees. Mounted on the rear wall was now a 10 inch /fat/">fat rubber dildo that he forced into his own ass as he was pushed into the cage. He spent every night terribly plugged, his first one was only 6 inches and there was still bigger ones in his future, Cindy was going for the 14 incher but she was in no hurry to open him up that much just yet.

Mounted into the wall right next to the entrance to the kitchen was the MANHANDLER. A magnificent piece of equipment, it would keep him struggling in agony for hours with no supervision required. On his side facing the dining room, the machine was designed for Harry to be on his knees. She couldnt even remember the last time she saw him standing. Harry knew what his every day consisted of, still, he struggled and pulled on his leash, whimpering and begging through his gagged mouth not to be plugged in again!

"That resistance will get you an extra hour today" Cindy scolded.
"And I think a nice long session on the ASS WHIP will convince you to be a little more appreciative of all the attention you get around here!"

Softly sobbing, Harry crawled forwards and with his wifes help, slowly slid his drug induced morning piss hard on into the cock receptacle in the wall. He groaned softly at the initial soft moist tube surrounding his cock. It was softer and warmer than any women hed ever felt, but it would soon become his worst nightmare. Cindy reached down and attached the testicle clamp around his balls designed to hold him firmly pressed against the machine.

While she was back there, she injected a glob of electrically conductive gel into him and pushed a /butts/huge-butt/">huge butt plug into his /asshole/">asshole. She watched him struggling, grunting and even sobbing for a moment, at the horrible instant and painful stretching of his insides. While the massive plug was more than enough to over fill his ass, there was a 8 inch finger sized probe on the end of it that snaked deep into his guts.

Cindy plugged the plug into the machine and stood up. She wrapped the leather straps around his legs and waist that would hold him firmly pressed against the wall, then pushed his chest against the machine. His nipples contacted two 2" diameter discs as she strapped his upper body in place.
"I think well do some titty tickles today" she announced.

Harry just looked up and moaned softly in despair. A steel cable was pulled out of the machine and attached to his collar. Before retracting it into the machine, Cindy opened a cabinet above the MANHANDLER and paused a moment. She looked at her trembling poor husband, and pulled out a fat 8 inch dildo. The look on Harrys face was priceless! Tears filled his eyes but he dared not say a word. Cindy pushed the feeder dildo onto a tube sticking out, then twisted it and locked it onto the front of the machine.

"You want NINE? Cindy growled!

Harry just moaned softly and opened his mouth. Cindy pulled the 7 inch dildo hed had in his mouth all night and laid it on the counter behind her. As Cindy retracted the cable on his collar, Harrys head was pulled forward and the entire 8 inch rubber cock disappeared into his mouth and down his throat! Cindy just smiled at the sight of her poor slave husbands sexy lips stretched around the fat base of the dildo.

She could see the bulge of it in his neck and watched him helplessly swallowing in response to its unmoving presence. He blushed at the humiliation of it, and gulped noisily in response to the damn thing stuck in his mouth.

Thats when she told him about the kids! He was well secured and unable to do anything but struggle and grunt. His arms were bent at the elbow and secured wrist to elbow behind him. His ass was stuffed and his cock was buried in the wall in front of him. A secondary harness was wrapped around his head so he couldnt do anything but stare straight ahead at a small video screen in front of him.

"Dont be such a baby" Cindy giggled.
"Mark is 20 now and Sue is almost 21, Theyve known about you for several months now, and they cant wait to assist with your training!"
"Im afraid college wasnt their thing" She continued.

"Theyll be moving back in until they can find jobs, of course, that could take months!"
Around the corner from where Harry was well secured and waiting, Cindy opened a panel on the wall and folded down the MANHANDLERS control panel. Everything the machine could do was handled from that single panel. Cindy clicked it on, and the computers /female/sexy-female/">sexy female voice greeted her.
"Good Morning Cindy" the machine said.

"I detect your slave is in place, erection insertion confirmed, anal insertion confirmed and electrical connections are ready for operation. I also detect upper body contacts, and a feeder device is connected and ready. Please program your desired functions."
"Ready Honey?" Cindy said softly.