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Great Sex – How To Make Your Woman Call You A Sex God

If you are a man who wants to be a BETTER LOVER, read on and discover exactly what women want in the bedroom. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to give your woman GREAT SEX and have her call you a SEX GOD…

Female Sexuality – Here Are 5 Sex Secrets That Most Men Will NEVER Know About Women And Sex

If you want to discover 5 huge SEX SECRETS about women that 90% of men will never know about what women really want in the bedroom, this article is for you. So read on now and start giving your woman BETTER SEX TONIGHT…

Female Orgasms – How To Give Your Woman A Powerful Vaginal Orgasm Using The Deep Spot Method

Discover how to give your woman a kind of female orgasm that only 30% of women have ever had. This powerful type of orgasm is called a VAGINAL ORGASM. In this article you’ll find out how to give your woman vaginal orgasms using The Deep Spot Method and also why this wwwxxx of SEXUAL PLEASURE is essential if you want to give your woman MULTIPLE ORGASMS…

How Sexual Addiction Blinds You to Who You Are

Most of the people that argue against the existence of sex addiction misunderstand the addictive process. This article will teach you what sex addiction really is, how it begins, and why it really has nothing to do with how frequently you enjoy sexuality. Learn how toxic shame and emotional mismanagement are the real roots of sexual addiction, and how they blind you to who you really are.

Female Sexuality – Here’s What Happens When You Fail To Give Your Woman Orgasms And Great Sex

Many men fail to SEXUALLY SATISFY their women. In other words, they don’t give their https://www.pornjk.com/tags/xxx/ orgasms or GREAT SEX. However, for these men — there is a big price to pay. Read on and find out what happens when you fail to give your woman orgasms and great sex…

Should You Consider Sex for Weight Loss?

Losing weight may be the biggest goal in your life right now, but the question that baffles most people is – how to go about it? Have you considered sex for weight loss yet? Burning extra calories is one half of the picture when it comes to weight loss, and sex is a great way to do it. Read on to find out more…

Tales From Tantra School: Is His Penis to Big, to Small or Just Right?

The age old question of size was bound to come up during my first stint in a tantric yoga school. After weeks of spiritual and physical yogic practice on a tropical island we were about to embrace more of the “juicy bits” of tantra. Thirty students sat in wait for the Swami to enter, wearing the usual orange garb and taking his seat on his little “thrown” overlooking his sea of followers. Notebooks in hand and in position on our yoga mats we were ready and braced for the “size matters” talk. Taken from the Kama Sutra and the Ananda Ranga (an Indian sex manual written in the 16th century) the Swami proceeded to “enlighten” us.