Asian Wife Surprise

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Asian Wife Surprise

This story I am about to tell you happened in the Philippines when my Korean wife, Kim and I were stationed there with the military. It’s been over ten years now and I’d like to tell what happened that awoke our marriage and still causes me great excitement to remember till this day.

Kim and I had met seven years prior to our assignment to the Philippines when I was stationed in South Korea. We had been to the states together and back to Korea but she wasn’t ready to return after our next Korean assignment in the mid 1980's. Kim asked if we could stay overseas and get a long assignment somewhere in Asia. This would allow her to visit home occasionally. I volunteered and somehow, we ended up at Clark Air Base, Philippines for a three-year tour.

During the first six months of our tour, Kim seemed to hate the assignment; she didn’t care for the heat and humidity and didn't understand the relaxed culture of the PI. After some time, Kim met some other Korean women and Filipino friends and began to take on a new look and feel about the place. Kim was and is still an attractive woman, she is 5’0 petite with nice features, her breasts are well rounded, her legs are perfectly straight and her butt makes my mouth water.

Kim had our second and final child during our first year there. We hired a young live-in Nanny that took great care of our children and house. Her presence gave Kim and I more time to explore the area. We did some touring and came to enjoy the surrounding areas.

About this time, I noticed Kim was adapting to the basic Filipino house attire of shorts and halter-top. old waman xxxgx She cruised dressed this way around the neighborhood. I also noticed she was getting male attention by locals and even other GIs and I was secretly enjoying it.

Kim settled in with other Korean female friends and also dependant Asian wives, including Thai and Filipino. Kim began talking to me at home about cosmetic surgery since she told according to her friends, "It's really cheap here."

I was totally against it at first. Kim soon began comparing herself to her friends and telling me things like, "Did you see Lisa today (her Thai friend)?" "She had her titties done, or Lee (Korean friend) she did her lips." I had to admit, both girls looked great. I subconsciously imagined Kim with /tits/big-tits/">big tits and felt a stir in my crotch. Kim had small 32A tits and I knew she was very self-conscious about it.

Finally, Kim went to see her family in Korea. While she was gone (for three weeks), I frequented a Philippine massage spa and received some great hand jobs while drinking San Miguel’s. I didn't feel like there was anything wrong with this, "at least I wasn't fucking anyone." The way the local girls looked and flirted, I couldn't help getting turned on.

When Kim returned from her trip, I immediately noticed some facial changes. Her eyes were more rounded and her lips looked swollen. At first I demanded, "What happened, did someone hit you?" Kim laughed and said, "No, No way! I had surgery!"

I was taken back because Kim hadn't even asked me before doing it. I had to admit after her swelling went down; I liked her new look. He new eyes made her look Amerasian; perhaps more Thai looking than Korean and her lips took on a permanent pouting look; Very sexy. Within a week, Kim was using her thick lips on my cock and it looked and felt incredibly good.

It wasn't long after that that Kim began badgering me to let her getting her breasts done. I didn't like the idea because of the nightmare stories I had heard about women being scarred and losing their nipple sensitivity. I felt she was going overboard with the surgeries anyway. Kim pouted for days until I would talk about it again. She finally brought Lisa over and let her tell me about the procedure. I felt embarrassed about it but Kim and I both squeezed one of Lisa breasts to verify the results of her enlargements. They felt very natural and they made her look sexy. Lisa gave us a card from her plastic surgeon in Manila. I decided we would check him out.

Kim ended up having her tits enlarged from a 32A to a 34C. This is what the doctor recommended. Kim was obviously in pain and swollen when I drove her the 90 minutes home from the hospital. During the drive home, I kept looking at her swollen stuffed top, and worrying whether she would turn out all right after the recovery.

Kim recovered for the next two weeks. I was greatly relieved that although she initially lost some nipple sensitivity, she regained almost all of it back in a few weeks. The surgeon had inserted the implants under her arms, so there wasn’t much scarring either.

She seemed to have a new glow about her now. She bought sexier clothes to show off her new body. Kim already had great legs and a /perfect/perfect-ass/">perfect ass. With her new tits, she even modeled a bikini for my camera. It was fun shooting her in sexy poses at the house and at the beach. She also began going braless. Her long nipples would poke hard against her tied off tank tops and tube tops. I really loved to fuck her while sucking her new big tits.

Kim also gained new confidence in her self and would actually strut down the street showing off her scantily clad body. I wondered what men thought when they saw her. The area we lived was not far from the multitude of GI sponsored nightclubs and titty bars. I saw men giving her a second looks whenever we walked around the neighborhood. The thought of their dirty thoughts made me fantasize. For a short while I really felt Kim and I were a perfect couple.

At the same time, it seemed we were growing apart. Kim and I began going to the bars separately with our respective friends every Friday or Saturday night. I met with friends from work but also occupied my time flirting with the local bar girls as there were a lot of bars to visit each weekend. Kim and I didn't see much of each other during those evenings; we were both too "bar hungry." After a few weeks I became bored with the local club scene and I began wondering what Kim was doing and where.

One Friday night, I helped my buddy get into a jeep; he bokep sma pecah perawan was too drunk to continue. I was close to that level myself. As I stopped at a bar area BBQ stand I noticed some non-local women exiting from the disco across the street. There, I thought I noticed Kim and two of her girlfriends coming out of the disco while some GIs closely followed. I left my food and got a closer look from the makeshift wall of the BBQ stand.

Kim and her friends hardly stood out from the locals. They were all sexily dressed in short shorts or mini skirts just like the working bargirls. I stayed out of sight listening to their laughing and conversation; it seemed the GIs wanted them to run the bars with them some more. Two of the men were really trying to coax the girls on. I heard one of them ask for a hug before he left.

I watched as a tall drunken GI held my wife while slipping his hands down her shorts and cupping her ass cheeks before she pushed him away playfully. Kim's friend, Lisa took part of another guys tongue in her mouth as he playfully pushed his cock into her crotch. The girls finally walked away from them laughing and drunkenly stumbled into another bar. I felt a huge pressure in my pants; somehow all this excited me. I got in a jeepney and headed home. I tried to sleep but would repeatedly wake myself up with an erection. I watched the clock and heard the door at 2:45am. I knew the bars had just closed.

Kim was pretty drunk when she arrived home. She stumbled and slurred her way to the bathroom for a shower. I felt my cock harden again. Kim returned from the shower a few minutes later and sat on the bed in just a towel. She slurred again and asked me what was wrong, I told her what had happened.

Kim’s eyes began to well with tears as she defensively explained to me nothing had happened with the men, it was a ’tease.’ She and her friends went out occasionally to get free drinks and attention at the clubs. I told her I thought she looked like a hooker and admitted it had gotten me excited. Kim laughed at me in surprise, she seemed to feel relieved by my confession.

’Are you sure’? She said, ’yes, Sure.’

She nervously laughed again and immediately ran her hand over the length of my cock, feeling it’s hardness in her hand, Kim was shocked by my excitement. We had not had sex lately (nor had we wanted to). Kim talked to me as she continued to run her hand up and down my cock.

’What makes you so excited, tell me’,

I told her how I had fantasized about her having sex with the men. Now her hand was shaking and inside my jockeys grasping my balls and pulling at my cock, lengthening it. I was so excited, I flipped and pulled the wet towel from Kim, releasing her tits and exposing her smooth ass ’I was getting hornier by the moment. . I could feel her excitement grow as I took her nipples one at a time hungrily into my mouth. Kim moaned out loud.

Next, I forcefully spread her legs and began licking down towards her /pussy/wet-pussy/">wet pussy, I began eating her pussy as her breath shortened with each lick.

"What made you so excited?" Kim moaned.

"Seeing a guy touch you, the way you looked, I don't know..." I moaned also. Kim worked my nipples with her free hand. She was getting into this as much as I was.

I licked at her squirming wet pussy hard.

"What else did you think when you saw me" Kim moaned again.

"The guy fucking you."

"You like that?"

I told her ’definitely yes’.

Kim moved up and straddled me. She held my cock and slipped it in her wet hole with a groan as if she had been anticipating sex for weeks. Maybe she had. She began to grind against me. My cock felt like it was in honey heaven. Her pussy muscles were contracting with each forward movement of her hips, making me involuntarily squirm underneath her.

"I think about it too sometimes but I never did it, just think about it" Kim's horniness surfaced in her strained voice.

"You really like men to want me?"

"Yessss I admitted."

She told me she liked men to want her. It wasn’t long till she told me shed been so fucking horny lately. Her grinding became more and more aggressive; she seemed possessed by her facial expressions. Her eyes closed as she made circular movements with her hips. It felt so good; I tried to think of other things as she moaned loudly to her first orgasm. She continued to fuck me; I did not want it to end.

Finally, I mentally reverted back to our original conversation and graphically thought of Kim fucking another mans cock instead of mine; I immediately blew my load with a loud moan. I was Bucking into her wildly, I felt like the orgasm would not stop, for sure it was the best orgasm I had ever had. I felt like I emptied out quarts of cum into Kim’s wanting pussy. After a short drift off to sleep, we fucked again hard till Kim’s pussy was almost raw. Kim then had some rare multiple orgasms...they became stronger each time, I know she came at least three times. We finally collapsed in each other’s arms, sweating and breathing as if we had just ran a marathon.