Nude Beach Part 1

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Nude Beach Part 1

My husband has wanted to go to the local /beach/nude-beach/">nude beach ever since he found out where it was. Don?t get me wrong, I?m not a prude but didn?t feel the need to have complete strangers looking at me completely naked while at the beach. Knowing he really wanted to check it out I agreed to go but told him that I may not take off my bikini but did decide to purchase a skimpy string bikini and /surprise/">surprise him. No reason that I can?t at least look really sexy anyway. I?m 40, 5?6?, 125lbs, 36C, long red hair, dark brown eyes, /tight/tight-ass/">tight ass and flat stomach. He?s 42, 5?10?, 170lbs, 7inchs brown hair and blue eyes.

We were there for about 10 minutes when I realized that I wasn?t at all feeling insecure so decided to remove my top. As I hadn?t planned on being naked I had to ensure my tit?s didn?t burn so I got out the sunblock and rubbed some on. As I was doing this I noticed a couple sitting to the left of us watching me and my husband watching them watch me. So I decided to continue for just a bit longer ? needed to make sure they were properly protected from the sun. The more I rubbed my tits the more the couple watched and the bigger my husband?s cock grew. Ok this nude beach was turning out to be a huge turn-on and incredible /foreplay/">foreplay.

To make sure my husband was feeling horny and keep his /cock/cock-hard/">cock hard I decided to start pointing out some of the really hot woman and asking my husband if he would like to have her suck his cock? duh of course he would love to see her on her knees with his cock in her mouth! He started getting into my game and soon was pointing out /cock/huge-cock/men-with-huge-cocks/">men with huge cocks asking me if I would like to suck them? he knew I did because he knows how much I love sucking his cock. As we were talking the couple next to us was listening and joined in the ?game?. We played for a while more but then decided it was time to leave but made plans to meet the couple there again the following day and perhaps continue the game and up the ante? hum that could be interesting!

At this point I was so horny I knew I wasn?t going to make it home before I would have to at suck my husband?s cock. As we were walking back to the car I told him that I really needed to suck his cock. As soon as I said that I could see his cock growing again in his bathing suit!! YUMMY I couldn?t wait to get his cock in my mouth. It was a bit of a walk yet to the car so I decided we should discuss how far we were willing to let our game go tomorrow. I suggested that maybe we bring our tent (almost everyone has a small tent) and asked how he would feel if I wanted to suck the other guys cock. He had no problem as long as I let his wife suck his cock? of course I said it would only be fair! I think he was a bit surprised as I know one of his fantasies is to watch me suck another cock but I have never said I wouldlet anyone else suck his. I told him it would be a complete turn on for me to see his /cock/big-cock/">big cock in another hot woman?s mouth.

We were getting so hot ?I could feel my pussy swelling and my pussy juice making my very skimpy bikini bottom soaking wet! We were finally at the car and I told my husband to park the car in the back of the lot so I could suck him off. He did as he was told and I had him pull down his bathing suit?. His cock was so big and had pre-cum all over it! I licked the tip slowly; he tasted so good that I wanted his whole 7? cock in my mouth!! I sucked him slowly at first moving up and down, licking around the base as I took him deep into my mouth. I told him I wanted him to imagine our /friend/new-friend/">new friend was sucking him off and not think of me.

Within seconds he was grabbing the back of my head and fucking my face so hard that I was gagging on his /hard/big-hard/big-hard-cock/">big hard cock. It was so hot that I started to rub my pussy and finger myself ? here I was getting my mouth fucked while my husband was thinking of another woman and the more I thought about it the more wet I got! I knew I wouldn?t last long and decided that I needed ? wanted to cum all over my hand?.I rubbed my pussy faster and harder until I came and then finger fucked myself so hard until all my juices were all over my fingers. I could tell my husband was watching me because the more I rubbed myself the harder he fucked my mouth! I knew he was going to cum soon alain lyle porn and I wanted to taste his cum?

He held my head still and began to thrust his cock into my mouth deeper?. I was gagging but didn?t want him to stop I wanted him to make me take his whole cock in my mouth. He pumped harder and within a few more minutes I knew he was going to cum?. He called me his /slut/cock-slut/">cock slut and said that he was going to cum in my mouth and I was to swallow all of it like a good slut. He held my head still and pushed his cock into the back of my throat and started cumming! As he was cumming he kept telling me to be a /cock/good-cock/">good cock slut and take all of his cum!

There indian santali xvideo was sooo much I thought I was going to choke on it but I did as I was told and swallowed it all!! It was so hot blowing my husband right there in the car?. I fucked him twice that night and the next day was just as hot?but that?s another story!!