Married Latino Cherry for Lunch

Published March 1, 2024 tag category
Married Latino Cherry for Lunch

I’d been married for more than 10 years. I fantasized about men but never blowjob porn videos had any experiences
with men until my marriage ended. Once I started exploring the world of hooking up online, it
was hard to turn back. I’m a good looking, muscular, masculine guy about 40 years old at the
time of this story. I had been chatting with this guy who called himself Freddy for about a
month. Latino, around 30, worked in the neighborhood where I lived and worked. He didn’t
send a picture because he was happily married with a kid at home, but I had the feeling he was
/cute/">cute. He was very curious, used to mess around with a friend a little bit but the friend moved
away and he never did get fucked. So we chatted online, and I told him I was working from
home and he was welcome to come by and get acquainted at lunchtime.

When he walked in the door he was all that I had hoped for. About 5 foot 10 and 160, cute face,
/athletic/">athletic build, and a really /hot/ass-hot/hot-round-ass/">hot round ass. Just what I liked. I knew the minute I saw him that I
would have him. I kissed him, and he didn’t resist but was obviously shocked by my
forwardness. I invited him to sit down, got him a glass of water ...and as he looked at me, I
sensed he was really hot for me too. I apologized for my forwardness and kissed him again, as I
explained that I was really attracted to him and hoped he felt the same about me.

It didnt take more than a few minutes for us to end up in my bed. Making out at first and then
the clothes came off. He looked so cute, light brown skin, just a touch of body hair, and a dick
just a little smaller than average but nicely shaped and very tasty, I would soon discover. I
worked my way from his mouth to his nipples to his dick and balls, taking total control and
getting no resistance at all. I fucked his mouth for a couple of minutes as I fingered his tight
/asshole/">asshole with a wet finger, then flipped him over and stuck my tongue in his ass. It was so nice
and clean and perfect, a virgin hole in between two perfect round globes. I carefully lubed a
finger and worked it inside, then slowly got another in as I sucked his dick and balls. By the time
I got done licking and sucking and fingering his dick and balls and asshole, he practically begged
me to slide my dick inside.

I started playing with my dickhead at his hole, he was so turned on he was milf porn videos besides himself with
lust. It’s never really easy getting my dick inside a /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole, it is thick - about 6 inches around
with a big head- and 7 ½ inches long. I didn’t put a condom on, mostly because I was doing
stupid things at the time, but also because I felt it would slide in easier and felt safe because he
was married and a virgin. He moaned as I slowly eased it all the way inside, as I felt his tight
muscles squeezing and then felt my stomach up against his big round buns. Damn this was a hot
fuck. I fucked that /nice/ass-nice/">ass nice and slow at first, but eventually he opened up and I could pound his
man /hard/pussy-hard/">pussy hard. I did just that til we both came at about the same time, then I pulled out and
shot on his chest.

Poor Freddie immediately jumped out of the bed and freaked out over what he had done,
especially about the barebacking. We talked a little as he showered and left, but think he was too
/scared/">scared to ever try it again at least with me.