Dream girl1

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Dream girl1

We start off kissing and move our way over to the bed. Just laying in bed for a while making out. 

You lose your shirt. I lose mine as well. Your bra is flung to the ground. 

still making out hands flowing over eachothers bodies 

Rubbing all the right places to tease and taunt you 

dragging my fingers up your thighs and drifting away at the last second till you cant stand it anymore 

Finally i drag my fingers up your thighs once more and start massaging you where you like it 

I undo your skirt and cast it aside on the floor. I rub my hands up the naked skin of your thighs until i reach your panties. Were still kissing at this stage, and it starts to get wilder and wilder as i begin to massage sexxxx video ful hd you through the material. 

i push the material aside and penetrate you with one of my fingers, a gasp escapes your lips as i kiss down your neck. 

My finger moves inside of you and starts to hit your spot. Your legs feel like jelly, your breathing has picked up. Your hearts pounding and pounding in your chest 

A moan escapes your mouth as an orgasm rips through your body. 

You gasp for air in the shattering after effects as the waves sink into your body 

I lean over and kiss your lip passionatly. Kiss your neck, your tits, your belly button, below it and grab the sides of your panties pulling them down your thights, your knees, your legs off onto the ground beside your crumpled shirt. 

I grab onto on of your legs and kiss my way up to your knee. Then to your thigh, spreading your legs apart Your inner thigh. I tease you with my tounge before licking up and down your well moisened pussy 

I begin to tounge deeper into your pussy, lowering my tounge to your hole. i moisten a finger in you before pulling it around to play with your clit. My tounge dives deeper into you. My finger rolls along your clit. 

Your body is writhing in pleasure, your legs have closed against my head as you reach down with your hands to pull me closer. 

You gasp out for air short of breath. Your body feels amazing 

a familiar feeling begins to rise up inside of you 

your close, very closemy tounge dives in deeper pusing you over the edge. that melting effect climes through your body again 

you regain your breat, panting still 

but im not done yeti adjust myself to your clit and begin to lap at it. My fingers find your pussy and one starts /fingering/finger-fucking/">finger fucking you.I rest my head up against your pelvis with my mouth over your clit and begin to suck on it. 

All your nerves light up inside you. You throw back your head and arch your back, giving me access to go deeper with my fingers.I roll my tounge around your clit and begin moving it back and forth 

your short of breath again, but ive seen this coming 

i slow down to a rhythemic back and forth motion and slowly build up to a stunning crushendo, 

you cry out xxx sex video download free com as an orgasm shatters you the waves of pleasure running through your body